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Have you discovered the finest locksmith in West Wickham yet? I have been working in the BR4 area for a number of years now, and pride myself on providing a West Wickham locksmith service to residents that is fast, dependable, and competitively priced. Some of you reading this may have already made use of my emergency locksmith in West Wickham service.

I’m usually in this pleasant part of South East London replacing locks, or maintaining CCTV or burglar alarm systems. It has a village-like quality, and commuters working in the City find the practical commute of 30 minutes to an hour means they can be home in time for dinner. It’s reasonable close to our head quarters in Sidcup, which is an additional bonus. West Wickham is a lovely place to live, work and shop. It is only 10 miles south east of Charing Cross. Most of West Wickham’s properties are semi-detached and detached 1920s and 1930s houses, with large gardens in many cases. West Wickham is a wealthy suburban area; this means it’s a prime target for burglars. If unfortunately the worst happens your local locksmith in BR4 will come out at any time of the day or night to ensure your property is secure.

Being your ITCC local locksmith West Wickham, I can travel to your home or business at a predetermined time if you need routine lock or security system maintenance or replacement keys and locks. As a UK-approved British Locksmith BR4 in West Wickham, I can also supply clear and unbiased advice on more complex deterrents, such as burglar alarms and CCTV cameras. And because I have been in the industry for quite a few years I am also knowledgeable about general home security and can come to your home and evaluate the security level and identify any potential weak points which burglars may exploit.  I can then recommend the best methods to protect the weak spots. In the mean time take a look at some of my helpful tips on making your property more secure.

  1. Are you aware how secure your locks are, what level of security they meet? Are you also aware that if your locks do not meet a certain security level your insurance company may dismiss any claim you make. As your ITCC Locksmith BR4 I can verify whether or not your locks meet the required level and if they don’t, I can advice you on the best locks to protect your home which may also bring down your home insurance costs.
  2. A good idea is to mark items with your name or postcode with a UV pen. This helps police identify any stolen goods.
  3. Lock up! I know it may sound silly but did you know 40% of break ins occur with no use of force which mean the burglar even walked straight through the front door or through an open window. So ensure you lock all your doors and windows as well as your garage and shed and secure any items which could be used to gain entry to your home such as a ladder for example.

As your locksmith West Wickham, we can work together to make your home a more secure place. Did you know the most common point of entry for a burglar is the front door? As burglars want to look as inconspicuous as possible they often knock at the front door to see if anyone is in and to check to see if the front door is open.  Once they have confirmed you are out the front door is the easiest and least suspicious point of entry. Two thirds of burglars use the front or back door to enter a property; other methods include picking locks, forcing the door open, breaking small glass windows and climbing through. Did you know thieves can get through gaps as small as 9 inches, so ensure your windows are locked?  So make sure you get ITCC’s locksmith in BR4 to install strong sturdy door locks for you. Make the most of your locksmith West Wickham – you’ll get the highest quality of service at the best possible price.


The map location above refers to the centre of the postcode served, rather than the discrete location of one of our agents or premises.

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