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We sincerely hope that you won’t need to talk to our locksmith in Deptford.

But the chances are you’ll need the services of a good locksmith SE8 at some point or other. Our ITCC locksmith in SE8 is based in your area, and comes out day or night to deal with lock emergencies. He also comes out during office hours to deal with routine jobs such as replacement locks or broken keys. When you need a locksmith Deptford, choose someone local, rather than going through a call centre, and choose someone who won’t charge the earth. Your locksmith in SE8 fits the bill, every time. His headquarters are in Sidcup and his team of fully trained locksmiths are never far away.  In fact, it will take the locksmith Deptford less than 30 minutes to get to you, whatever the time of day or night. He’s dedicated to making the houses and offices in Deptford as secure as they can be. Whatever your lock problem, he’ll have the answer. If needs be, you could even travel to Sidcup to visit the ITCC headquarters in The Square if you want to see a full range of lock and security accessories. Key locks, key chains, torches, padlocks, bolts…. Your friendly locksmith Deptford has them all!

Our locksmith Deptford knows this area well. It can’t be described as the prettiest of places, and is among the city’s poorest districts. This is quite surprising, as it’s very close to Canary Wharf and the city. In fact, it’s only seven minutes by train to London Bridge! Even so, house prices are relatively low, and foreign investors haven’t started buying up properties like they have in other areas of London. But it is an area that is on the up, and it is a very artistic community. Goldsmiths College is nearby, with previous students including Lucian Freud, Sam Taylor-Johnson and Damien Hirst.

The area is a bit of a sprawl, with a range of housing, and as the locksmith Deptford points out, it’s often the pooper housing that is targeted by thieves. Those in large houses often have better security and may well be avoided by intruders. After all, they may as well take the easy option and break in to houses without five point locking systems rather than make life difficult for themselves. But, as the ITCC locksmith SE8 points out, the best security system in the world is no use if you don’t use it. Make sure you switch on your security system


Why not take a look at the Three Key Tips listed below, which will improve your security levels and give you greater peace of mind?

  • To make your property extra-secure, you could ask your locksmith Deptford to fit a patented key system. This means that keys can only be copied with proof of ownership.
  • Homes that look unoccupied are more likely to be targeted by thieves, according to the locksmith Deptford. If they walk down your street and there are no lights on, they’ll choose to break in to that house rather than one where there are lights on upstairs and down. Use timers to switch lights and radios on and off when you’re not at home.
  • For the most effective alarm system, choose a professional installer like ITCC’s locksmith in Deptford who will conceal all the wiring. A professional burglar looks for places where they can disconnect the security system.

Often it’s just a bit of common sense that’s needed. If you need someone who can take a fresh look at your property, call your locksmith Deptford today.


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