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Our locksmith Chiswick delivers a range of services to both residential and commercial customers alike. He does everything, repairs and replaces locks, offers a window and door boarding service to secure a property in the aftermath of a break in or can just cut some keys.

Because our locksmith in W4 is local, he can arrive at the scene within approximately 30 minutes to resolve your emergency or routine lock or security problem. When you call our W4 Locksmith he will give you a clear broken down quote before he makes his way to visit you. Ask your Chiswick locksmith about our comprehensive range of British Standard locks we sell and he will endeavour to make sure you have the right locks that meet your requirements.

Your locksmith W4 has a wealth of knowledge about all things home, office and security based which he is willing to share with you. Some of the tips he shares with customers are as follows.

  1. A property that looks unoccupied is a much softer and easier target for a potential intruder, so it may be worth making it look as if your property is occupied. By closing your curtains during the day it presents the image that no one is home, keep them open and hide all valuables out of sight. Leave a light or the radio on so voices can be heard, this gives the impression someone is in.
  2. For a thief it’s easy for them to break a glass panel, put their hand through the window and turn the doorknob from within. A door with thin glass panels should ideally be fortified, replaced with stronger glass or have deadbolts fitted so that it can only be opened with a key. So why not talk to your Locksmith Chiswick to discover what you can do to make your property safer.
  3. You may want to consider fitting an alarm system. These are very effective deterrents which encourage potential intruders to move on to softer easier targets. Call your locksmith Chiswick to fit and maintain your burglar alarms systems; he will make sure all the wires are hidden away so thieves won’t be able to cut them, disabling the alarm.

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Locksmith Chiswick

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