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Local Emergency locksmith Cheam

We deliver a 24 hour locksmith in Cheam and the nearby areas, so when ever you have an emergency with your locks, for example you may be locked out, locked in or perhaps your lock is damaged and needs repair or your UPVC mechanism is jammed, well no matter what your problem is you can be confident our locksmith Cheam will be able to help.

All supplied by our locksmith Cheam meet British standards our locksmiths carry a wide range in their vehicles giving you the choice of lock. Locks vary in price and security level however we highly recommend a 3 star ABS lock which is both insurance and police approved. And only you will be able to get another key cut due to the unique code and security question you must input on the ABS website.

Routine locksmith services

Locksmith Cheam

Cheam High-Street

Even though we do focus on emergency work we are not restricted we also offer a full range of routine locks services just give us a call and see how we can help and book an appointment for a time what best suits you.

Helpful tips from our locksmith in Cheam

  1. Fences, walls, and hedges do provide privacy however they can also provide thieves with cover. So cut any tall shrubbery to a reasonable level and nay other areas which are not clearly visible you may want to consider installing CCTV and lighting.
  2. If you have a shed ensure the shed is secure. We recommend installing a strong padlock which has the screws hidden making is very difficult for any criminal to break the lock, you may also want to consider buying a lock with an alarm so if someone does try to tamper with it the alarm will sound.