Locksmith Brentford TW7

Locksmith Brentford 24/7 Emergency Service

Locksmith Brentford TW7
ITCC Local Locksmith

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We have a local locksmith local to Brentford. Our locksmith is local to the TW7 area and best of all he operates all day every day 24/7. This means no matter what time you give us a call we will always be able to help.

Locksmith Brentford TW7 Services

ITCC provide residents, landlords and commercial clients with a fully comprehensive locksmith service. Our locksmith is a proffesional and can also provide other services not usually provided by our competitors

We can

  • Unlock/pen Doors
  • Install locks into the door
  • Replace locks
  • Conduct a security survey – this identifies potential security vulnerabilities and evaluates if you meet your home insurance requirements. – Did you know if you fail to meet your insurance minimal requirements your insurer is not obliged to payout.
  • Upgrade your premises security – High spec locks, CCTV, London Bars, Alarms, window resistors and much more

Did you know the average cost of burglary is thought to be £2,833, this includes stolen items and the cost of repairs. However by spending less than £500 you could protect your home enough to stop a burglar from even trying. We suggest getting your local ITCC locksmith in Brentford to install London and burglar alarms on your front and back doors to strengthen the door frames. Furthermore we also strongly recommend locks which meet British standards such as our 3 star ABS lock by Avocet.

We work with all major lock companies which include Chubb, Sterling, Yale, Avocet and many more.

Other services

  • Installation of locksmith brentford
  • Safes
  • CCTV
  • Access Control

We accept cash or card payment by all the major credit and debit card companies.


Locksmith Brentford TW7
Our mobile Locksmith TW7 has in his possession all the popular brands of British Standard locks such as Chubb, Yale Falcon etc. He’ll bring them to you weather you are at home or place of work, day or night to fix both your emergency and routine lock and security issues.

As a practised and hugely  experienced locksmith in Brentford, he is more than confident and capable of delivering a professional and high standard of service. With his extensive knowledge in the security industry, ITCC’s locksmith Brentford is able to provide you with great advice to help ensure you implement the correct procedures to ensure your property is as safe as possible.it is unwise to take your security for granted, but of course it is easy to do so and many people do and sometimes they end up regretting it especially when the thive has managed to to steal valuable or sentimental items.

Some of the tips he passes to customers are as follows.
  1. If your burglar alarm is faulty and keeps sounding, we recommend you get it fixed immediately. Because if an alarm keeps setting off eventually people will not react when it sets off, its like the little boy who cried wolf.
  2. Homes with no minimal security are up to 5 times more likely to be broken into. Simple security measures such as a good quality locks, door chains and a peep hole can make a difference.
  3. Do you work a 9 till 5 job like most of us? Well did you know burglars work similar hours! The most popular times for burglaries to occur is been 10:00am and 5:00pm. Potential thieves look for unoccupied properties during the day. So it is a good idea to ensure you don’t leave any expensive items in plain view of the windows or doors.

The map location above refers to the centre of the postcode served, rather than the discrete location of one of our agents or premises.