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The Importance of Rekeying Your Locks

The door locks in your office or home are an essential element of security. If you are not able to properly maintain and ensure how well your locks work, do not hope to actually keep unauthorised persons from your home….
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Security Issues When Moving Home


Moving to your new home in London could be a time of excitement and we do hope that you will like your new home. Anyway, as you make preparations to move home, you have lots to think about to ensure…
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Home and Business Security

Domestic and Business Security Keeping yourself or your business safe and secure is increasingly becoming more complex as criminals are continuously developing new tactics in order to breach personnel or company security to commit harm, theft or commercial sabotage such…
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Maintaining Your Door Locks

How long your locks last are dependent on a number of things. The higher quality of the lock that you purchase, the more likely it will last longer than a cheaper inferior version. If you do purchase an expensive locking…
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The Home And Business Security Guide


Have you ever wondered why most people have guard dogs in their homes or business places? Wondered the reasons behind the ’Beware of the dog’ sign on their gates and fences? Rather the electric wires all around their properties? This…
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