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Are you looking for a locksmith Swanscombe?
Our local locksmith DA10 works in your area, and can drive over to you in less than 30 minutes. He’s able to carry out routine work such as repairing patio door mechanisms or replacing faulty window locks.
He is also well-known for being an emergency locksmith DA10 who deals with night time call outs. So whether you have locked yourself out, have been a victim of a burglary or have lost your keys, he is the locksmith Swanscombe you can call upon. Whatever time it is, give him a call on 020 8302 9005 when you need help.
His emergency call-out service has saved many local residents from lengthy and unwanted lock-outs in recent years.
ITCC’s locksmith Swanscombe is also on hand with tips and hints to make your property more secure. Tips such as these, for example:
• Is your car your pride and joy? ITCC’s locksmith Swanscombe suggests that you don’t leave your car keys just inside the door. Thieves will open your front door, grab the keys and be off before you’ve had a chance to turn round. Make sure that all keys are kept in a less convenient spot for thieves, further into the house.
• Do not close your curtains during the daytime. Your local locksmith DA10 points out that this suggests to a burglar that there’s no-one at home.
• How would a burglar view your property? Does it look secure? This is where Mike, your locksmith Swanscombe, comes in. He can tell you about alarms, security lights and even CCTV that will make your property unpopular with intruders. Why not ask him to call round and assess your situation?
Whatever your lock emergency, your locksmith Swanscombe will be there to help you, at a reasonable price. Call him today!


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